Hi ! Steve here.

We are a full service Architectural Imaging firm focused on creating innovative, expressive and captivating images of architectural space.  We use a full range of technologies from digital still and video imaging, to drones, time lapse and motion control, and are always looking for the most powerful and effective methods to communicate architectural space.  We are focused on making dynamic, expressive,  powerful images that capture the buildings that you design, that reveal the ideas you express in your work  that communicate the perceptual experiences of being in your architecture.











History and How we got here....


After studying art and photography in graduate school, I wandered a bit, especially in Los Angeles and Paris.    LA introduced me to several architects.   But, France showed me something I had never seen before: how aesthetic experience could be incorporated into everyday living. When I got back, I drifted into architectural theory and began building small furniture pieces based on theoretical texts I was reading, and some that I had explored in school. Eventually I started building furniture for the architects I had met, and this eventually lead to a design/build firm to service the design community. 


 As the company grew and added employees, our success lead to the purchase of an amazing camera and several architectural lenses that we used to photograph our work.  We were fortunate to work with some of the top firms in Los Angeles, including Space International,  Micheal Maltzan and XTEN, and as I photographed our millwork, I also began photographing the architecture itself. 


After showing my images to XTEN, they asked me if I wanted to shoot the rest of the images for them, and I eagerly agreed. Nakahouse, by XTEN,  was only the second house I had completely photographed, and 6 months after we were done, it appeared in the cover of Architectural Record Houses. Nakahouse was my first paid project in photography. 


The quality of the new digital cameras, and the extraordinary subjects I was able to shoot, made me fall in love with photography all over again. For a while, I spent all my free time photographing. So, when the great recession was at its deepest, and most of our work had dried up, I decided to follow my passion, sell my cabinet shop, and devote myself to architectural photography. 


Now I have the best job in the world.  I get to spend my time inside amazing architecture, I get to focus on creating images that tell the story of the design, and I get to help my clients communicate their work to the larger world. 


We have recently won 2 Photography Awards from the Los Angeles Chapter of the AIA and were finalists in this years A+ Awards in Architecture Photography and Video.  Our work has been included in many regional art exhibits and we work hard everyday to make creative images of creative spaces.  The images of our clients's work have been published in over 25 magazines, several books and countless blog posts from the top architecture, design and art blogs worldwide.

We love serving both new and established architectural and design firms, and strive to make our work a collaborative, creative, fulfilling experience for ourselves and our all important clients.