Manchasen Island Resort by Snorre Stinessen, located in Coastal Norway, above the Arctic Circle.   Commissioned by Børge Ousland, the renown arctic explorer, these sea cabins serve as connection points between the visitors and the stark landscape of the region.    This video was made over the course of a week, using Drones and computer stabilized camera platforms. 

4/Way House by Deegan Day Design is located  along the top edge of Topanga Canyon with views of  the Pacific ocean.  It is situated in a geography highly susceptible to brush fires, in an era that was burned in the massive 1994 Malibu fire.   A series of specifically designed trusses create  the articulated envelop of fireproof  Rheinzink panels.  Th video was made entirely with a DJI drone, at a site visit towards the end of construction.  Music by Health and Beauty. 

Zig Zag House by Dan Brunn Architects is located on the boardwalk of Venice Beach California.    The video is a meditation on space and circulation.   Music by Phillip Glass. 


Desert Hot Springs is known for mineral water and wind.    This is a drone video taken on a windless day, off Highway 62.   Music By Health and Beauty

Breath is a time-lapse film shot in the summer of 2016, about the light, space and sense of time that exists at the boundary between the built and the unbuilt worlds.  The film seeks to capture the meditative qualities of this place in a short form presentation. 

Breath 2  was inspired by the opening sequences of the TV show Bosch, and continues "Breath's" exploration of space and time, at the edge of the anthropocene.